Madelyn Blair Cunningham, owner of Kindred Bridal

Madelyn Blair Cunningham, owner of Kindred Bridal

Kindred was created because I longed for more connection in the process of finding my own wedding dress. The fashion industry is so often stripped of its stories by the time a garment makes it to a rack - and even though the wedding world was all about love, I felt like it had lost some soul

As a former model in the bridal industry, I was lucky enough to meet talented, independent designers who create gowns with intention and care deeply about how, why, and where their  pieces are made - and they did it without pretense or fuss - it made me believe that bridal could be laid-back and cool while still being intimate and special. I wanted to bring that energy to Knoxville.

So, for the women who desire a deeper connection, for the women who defy labels, for the women who make their own rules - I can't wait to meet you.